Thinking About A New Hot Tub Or Spa?

Learn how hot tubs differ in quality and what questions you MUST ask when buying a new acrylic spa - written by a 20 year veteran swimming pool and spa builder and owner of A Better Pool Company

Advice From A Spa Expert

As a second generation swimming pool and hot tub builder specializing in concrete pool and spa installations I have compiled my research of acrylic spas and hot tubs here on this website. A concrete hot tub is a luxurious item but cost is prohibitive for most spa would-be owners. As a result I refer many of my clients to purchase an acrylic hot tub as a more cost effective hot tub solution.

In most cases I would find my clients overwhelmed with the acrylic spa buying process. They would return after shopping with little to no knowledge about what they should be looking for. Most commonly I would hear the complaint that for all the different makes, models, sizes, shapes and colours available all the hot tubs look pretty much the same.

How To Look For A Quality Hot Tub

If all the tubs look the same and every brand claims to be the best, why is there such a wide variance in the price of hot tubs? In the interest of answering a recurring question with my clients in the most professional fashion I decided to determine for myself what constitutes a high quality acrylic hot tub.

This was an easy first step into a complicated industry as I was to learn. Much as I suspected not all hot tubs are created equal and I have compiled the conclusions of this research into this online tool to help council my clients on how to make an informed hot tub purchase.

Learn From Other Spa Owners

In addition to researching new products I also took this opportunity to contact my existing clients who had gone through the buying process previously. This turned out to be a huge insight into what to consider when buying a new hot tub and how to avoid any surprises.

Common Problems

common spa problemsWhen a hot tub or spa breaks it tends to do so in one of a few common areas. By knowing how spas fail you will have special insight as to what you are looking for when shopping, and most importantly, what hot tub designs to avoid...more about common spa problems


spa shellThe shell construction and material is a huge contributing factor to the quality of your hot tub. If a spa develops a crack there is no way to repair this properly in the field and most will require replacement. Avoid this worst case scenario by carefully selecting your spa shell...more about Spa Shell Options


spa insulationPotentially the most important factor to consider when buying an acrylic hot tub is the design and material used to insulate the spa. This will determine the ongoing costs associated with heating the tub as well as being the costs of potential repairs or troubleshooting down the road...more about Spa Insulation

Pumps & Filters

spa pumps and filtersA good pump, filter and heating system make your spa a much more rewarding experience from functional usage, to maintenance requirements to running costs. Learn how and what your spa should have under the hood to reduce chemical requirements, provide an enjoyable and therapeutic massage, and provide years of trouble free operation...more about Spa Pumps & Filters


spa plumbingThe plumbing method and material used in building a hot spa is one of the most overlooked but critically important factors that will determine the quality of massage and the total longevity of the hot tub. Most terminal spa failures are a result of failed plumbing systems...more about Spa Plumbing

Salt Water

salt water spaSalt water is the biggest conversation piece and talking point in the pool and spa industry currently. Learn the benefits and disadvantages of using salt water to sanitize your spa from a professional. There is a great deal of customer misinformation currently happening with salt water so learn the facts here...more about Salt Water Spas

Spa Water Chemistry

spa water chemistryIn order to get your mind around salt water spas and understand the importance of quality hot tub components you will need to know how spa water chemistry works. Most hot tub owners actually understand very little about how to keep spa water clean and safe. Find everything you need to know about spa water chemistry in this section...more about Spa Water Chemistry

Spa Covers

spa coverOne of the biggest recurring complaint from existing spa owners is in regards to manageability of handling the spa cover as well as the longevity of the insulation. In this section you will see why it is that old spa covers weigh hundreds of pounds and the money saving importance of choosing the correct cover for your hot tub...more about Spa Covers


Spa News

If energy conservation is important to you then you must read the section on Spa Insulation

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